Airline Ticketing


Kotoko International Airport (KIA) situated in Accra, Ghana on the West Coast of Africa is the main entry point to the country. Its strategic location on the globe (on the Greenwich Meridian and close to the Equator) makes it accessible from any part of the world. Currently it is served by 25 airlines offering over 170 weekly passenger aircraft movements to more than 36 international destinations worldwide.

Duty Free Shops and other shops are located on the ground and first floors at the Departure Lounge, and is available to passengers departing on international flights and transit passengers. Duty-free shops operated by Weitnaeur/GTDC offer a wide variety of both local and foreign quality goods at competitive prices. Shops are open from first flight until last, seven days a week. Foreign exchange, credit cards (especially Visa and MasterCard), and travellers cheques are accepted.

Safety and Security: The safety and security of passengers has the highest priority. Please follow these guidelines: Passengers should adequately secure their baggage. Never leave baggage on trolleys unattended. Don’t look after or check-in baggage for someone else. Don’t carry anything onto an aircraft for someone else. Don’t gift-wrap presents as they may need to be unwrapped by Security or Customs. Please keep electronic goods to a minimum. In the interest of safety and security, hand baggage may be x-rayed or hand-searched. Passengers should not carry any liquid item in their hand baggage.

Departing Ghana: After check-in, passengers pass through Security (and passport control for all international destinations). In line with government regulations, airport security personnel carry out random searches of both passengers and their baggage. All hand baggage will be x-rayed. These x-ray machines are safe for all normal photographic and video film and computer disks. As a precaution, passengers should carry photographic film in their luggage and not in hold baggage. Special arrangements can be made for photographers to carry professional film (ISO800 & above) by prior arrangement with the airline or airport. A hand search for professional film will be accommodated. The archway metal detector, which all passengers pass through, is safe for pregnant women and passengers with pacemakers. Passengers whose checked baggage is short-landed should report to the Lost & Found desk.